The Real Cowboy Association accepts formal requests for monetary donations to assist individuals / organizations with Scholarships to be used for continuing education.

Due to the large number of requests the association receives on a daily basis, the Real Cowboy Association is only able to accept requests from individual students and from charitable, non-profit organizations that directly service clients.

If you wish to request a scholarship donation, please mail your typewritten request on your organization's letterhead to:

Real Cowboy Association
Donation Requests
4 Eva Circle
Longview, Texas 75602

The following policies and procedures must be used:

All requests must be submitted in writing, via mail. We do not accept faxes.

  • All individual requests must include an official High School (and/or) College Transcript.
  • The individual must have maintained a 2.0 GPA from an accredited school, over the last 6 Months.
  • A confirmation letter of enrollment from an accredited school must be attached,
    indicating the beginning and ending dates of the semester (and/or) school year.
  • Due to the tremendous volume of requests, applicants must allow 8-10
    weeks for processing of their request.
  • Unless otherwise stated, organizations will receive one donation per year, in an attempt to help the greatest number of people.
For more information, please call the Real Cowboy Association Community Relations Department Hotline at (903) 753-3165